butter raisin toast bread


butter raisin toast breadIt goes without saying, that last but by no means least, also our butter raisin toast bread does not contain any colouring, preservatives, fillers, perfumes or any other artificial ingredients.

A slice of butter raisin bread – once toasted – hits you crisp outside, steamy-soft-raisin-tender inside.

And the winning numbers are:

* wheat flour

* milk

* yeast

* sea salt

* brown sugar

* California raisins

* butter

* eggs

* memories & pride (see story below)

490円/loaf (app. 360-380g)

The story of this butter raisin bread

The story of THIS German bread goes way back, to my grand-grandparents, who had a small family business, where they baked breads, gingerbread, cheesecakes and other goodies - that's where my German-bread-baking DNA comes from.

Among those pearls of flour, butter, sugar & co. this butter raisin bread was the highlight of every Sunday morning. I bake and offer it here to honour my ancestors' craftsmanship, by following their recipe to the letter. The only difference is the baking method. This butter raisin bread is baked for toasting, in contrast to my grand-grandparents' pride and joy which was eaten just like that, with some honey, and - to make it even a better comfort food than it already is - with a teeny-tiny bit more butter.

The story goes, that their son, my grandpa, once had himself locked into the production chamber, where he then opened one of the old wooden drawers, where the raisins where stored. He then – as he really loved raisins above all - gorged himself on them by the handful. From this moment on he never ever even glanced at a raisin (except when picking them out of butter raisin breads and cheesecakes) for the rest of his life, till he – almost 90 years old – died, while shoveling snow outside his house - but that's another story.

To not let it end on such a melancholic note: Please, do my family the honour and try this original recipe. Toast it, coat it with whatever you like - mainly jams, cream cheese, Nutella, or, honey, of course. I would, however, also recommend to try it - at least once - with a savory topping (my favorite: cream cheese with soft salami on top). Sounds strange..!? You bet, but hey, who knows, it might blow your mind as well.




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