Some important points beforehand

* We speak English, Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian

* Our German bread will be delivered to any destination in Japan. For orders outside Japan, for orders exceeding 30 loaves and for special deliveries within the Takatsuki-Ibaraki-Oyamazaki area please contact us individually.

* All our advertised prices are final prices (taxes are included).

* As all our bread is handmade, we can't compete with the variety of a bread factory. We have therefore - for quite a while now (yup, there was a German bread selling life before doitsupan.com!) - been concentrating our homemade baking to four German bread classics:

100% sourdough rye bread

6 seeds/nuts toast bread

grey bread (brown bread)

butter raisin toast bread.

* We deliver via Yamato Cool Takyubin (frozen). This means, you will get our German bread (almost) AS FRESH AS OUT OF THE OVEN. To give you an example: The frozen loaves you will receive, will be FRESHER than those cooled down for 2 hours, after taken out of the oven. Each bread is SHOCK FROZEN after baking, to preserve for you the freshness and the taste of a newly minted fresh-baked loaf of German bread. .

* We will receive your order via e-mail through our 'contact & order' site. We then will reply to you via e-mail (or in some cases through phone) to confirm order and billing, and to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. We consider it more personal this way, than the anonymity of a shopping cart - and we sincerely trust, that this more familiar and connecting way of doing business finds your approval and your liking, as well.

* If possible, please be so kind and try to fill out the order form in Romaji, Hiragana or Katakana. Kanji-order forms have to be processed differently and may result in a delay of your order. We hope this is not too inconvenient for you.




German Chef Andy and his better half

German Chef Andy and his better half






Home sweet home, where baking magic happens.

Home sweet home, where baking magic happens.