grey bread (brown bread)


grey bread or farmers breadAt the risk of sounding repetitively, needless to say that this German favourite also wears its ingredients proudly on its labeled sleeve, here in Japan:




* Rye flour

* Wheat flour

* Yeast

* Pure filtered water

* Sea salt

* Brown sugar

* a n d, of course, here, as well as in all our products: a big heap of Love & Passion – you can taste it!

490円/loaf (app. 410-430g)

And what's NOT listed here, did NOT find its way into the dough – so no chance for colouring, preservatives, fillers, perfumes, or other artificial substances.

Yummy AND healthy – can you do better for you and your family here in Japan?!



grey bread - germans' favorite

All natural and healthy

grey bread, the perfect allrounder

grey bread - ham 'n cheese

a slice of grey bread - toasted with cheese

ham n cheese sandwich a la grey