German bread, homemade in Japan!

Homemade German bread in Japan, based on traditional, original German bread recipes, brought to life by a German baker. All breads have ingredients, that can be labeled proudly. No preservatives, no fillers, no artificial components! Homemade, with love and passion, the artisan way, wholesome, healthy and delicious.

Whether you are just a bread-lost foreign soul in Japan, a Japanese wanting to broaden her/his bread-horizon, a restaurant that wants to stand out with some delicious German bread in their baskets or something special for their sandwiches, or maybe you are just an ordinary hotel, somewhere in Japan, who wants to give another customer-satisfactory meaning to the term 'breakfast inclusive' – with some original German bread.

100% sourdough rye bread in Japan

100% sourdough rye bread The German culinary attaché – THE German bread, Germans crave the most when abroad

It's difficult to describe something as unique as a 100% sourdough rye bread. Let's face it, it's not just another German bread in Japan, it's

THE ultimate German bread, which is now available right HERE in Japan.

I am sure the adjectives I came up with, to describe this wonderful bread, won't do it justice, but – at least for me – it would go something like

'the savory, appetizing, slightly acidic tang of the sourdough and the distinct dark and rich flavor of the grainy, healthy, fiber- & mineral-rich rye, refined only with a little pinch of sea salt – a marriage made in German bread heaven'.

If you are more of a skeptic, and you think that this is too much prose for a bread, do me – and yourself – a favor, buy a loaf, slice it, smell it and have your first bite, just with a bit of butter. And then I am expecting your Pulitzer-essay about the explosion between your taste-buds. product description

6 seeds/nuts bread in Japan

6 seeds/nuts bread in JapanThe healthy flavour champ - and the absolute bestselling German bread among our Japanese customers

With 3 different flours (wheat, whole wheat and rye) and 6 different seeds and nuts (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecan nuts, etc.), refined with a dollop of pure honey, you simply can't go wrong – no matter whether you like it sweet or with a slice of ham or/and cheese.

A wholesome German bread – especially baked for toasting – that you will love, no matter what time of day, or wherever you are in Japan. Once toasted golden-brown, it will stay crisp on the outside while still soft, tender and steamy on the inside - from the first bite to the last! product description


grey bread (brown bread) in Japan

German grey bread (brown bread) 'Fifty-Fifty' – the artisan favourite among its' German bread brethren

Now here is a German bread that doesn't know which way to go. Shall it go the wheat-way or the rye-way!? The answer is simple and - like almost always in Japan, in Germany or in life in general - a compromise: Straight through the middle, 50% rye and 50% wheat.

The result? One of the most popular German breads in Japan. Especially in Germany people love grey bread. My favourite would be a slice of it - slightly toasted - then back with the grey bread, into the oven(-toaster), with a generous slice of cheese (gouda!) and a tiny pinch of salt on top of it, another minute or two, till the cheese is melted – done! Enjoy this German bread sandwich together with some fruits (grapes!), et voila: One slice, a delicious snack – two, a whole, satisfying meal.

Enjoy this open German bread sandwich together with some fruits (grapes!), et voila: One slice, a delicious snack – two, a whole, satisfying meal. product description

butter raisin toast bread in Japan

butter raisin toast breadBetsu-Bara -The undisputed ruler of the sweet tooth

So, now you think you are happy!? You are in Japan, and you had all your appetite for sourdough and rye assuaged, you had all your German bread carbs-cravings satisfied, and along comes Betsu-Bara (lit. translated spare stomach, meant for people in Japan, who have that additional storage room in their stomach where - though completely full – somehow chocolates, ice creams and tempting deserts still manage to find a place.

Believe me, for breakfast, this German bread jewel is irresistible, but even after a delicious lunch or dinner in Japan, it's hard to refuse a golden-brown slice of butter raisin toast, with its buttery, crisp but tender texture, its California raisins, brown sugar and that extra dollop of honey.

Just don't forget, despite all that culinary excitement, that when toasted, those raisins get quite hot, so watch your fingers and your neko-shita (lit. translated cat-tongue, which refers to people in Japan, who can't eat very hot).

Enjoy this semi-sweet German bread without anything, just like it is, or put some cream cheese and/or jam to good use. If you are daring enough - or completely nuts about mixed flavours, like me - you even want to leave the sweet path for an experimental savory side trip. Soft salami on cream cheese would be my choice. Who knows, it might blow your mind as well. product description

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